My mission is to remind you that your greatness is already inside of you. 


Too often the one thing that keeps some people from achieving their dreams is not obstacles but their attitude.  And that can be changed.


Just like a great athlete preparing for a game, you can change your thoughts to overcome setbacks and achieve victory to reach your dreams.

"Walter Jackson’s presentation was electrifying!” 
Earl Kim, student, California State University Long Beach
"Listening to Walter makes me want to be a better person.” 
Jeff Lyons, student- University of Southern California 
"Walter's speech was really moving. 
I related to what he said, and it touched me. I'm so grateful that he came today.”

Maggie Walsh, junior, UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles)
and organizer of the college’s first "Positivity Conference"
Member of the Association for  the Promotion of Campus Activities

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